Sponsored Programs
Ability Awareness Day
Our PTA Special Education Rep runs an educational day where upper grade students experience what it's like to have a specific disability, from learn disorders to mobility issues to developmental delays.  Ability Awareness Day is a fun experience for the kids and the volunteers.  We try to schedule it during Kindness Counts Week (Feb.)
Art Masters
A hands-on art experience classrooms participate in five times per year.  A local artist works with the children introducing them to everyone from Monet to Van Gogh to Frank Lloyd Wright, teaching them about the particular “master” artist and his/her techniques.  A Lecture and classroom workshop is included in the studies.
Blue Ribbon Week
Truman participates in the San Clemente Kindness Counts Week each February (usually over Valentine's Day).  The week is full of activities at lunch time to promote kindness as a prevention to bullying.  The focus is on being kind to others, to yourself and to your community.  Student Council, Truman Scouts, and the BAMS PALS club assist with these activities as well.  The city offers a parent education night open to the community.

Field Trips

Each grade level participates in a PTA sponsored field trip.  PTA has allocated $16 per child to help offset field trip costs to the Ocean Institute, Mission San Jan Capistrano, Outdoor Science School, the Heritage Museum and various additional educational venues selected by Benedict teachers.

Imagination Machine

Artistic quality and innovative creativity combine in a fast-paced and entertaining format designed to unlock the wonderful world of creative writing. K-5 children learn powerful techniques to get started in creative writing, developing characters, plot lines and settings through unique theatre games.  Student’s writing skills are improved through engaging theatre games that show them the importance of the rewrite through thinking outside the box, playing with genres, playing with choices and exploring and heightening their possibilities.


Truman Benedict PTA pays $10,000 to provide K-3 music instruction with a credentialed music instructor through CUSD.  

Red Ribbon Week

Truman participates in the CUSD Red Ribbon Week each fall.  The week is full of anti-alcohol, tobacco and other drug activities messages and activities.  Truman’s children are also invited to march in the Red Ribbon Parade down Del Mar as a culmination of the week’s activities.


The National PTA Reflections program is an art recognition and achievement program for students.  All students are invited to participate and express themselves through dance, art, photography, etc.  We culminate the week’s events by having an “Art Gallery Walk” at Truman’s Multi-purpose room so that parents can enjoy the creative talents Truman has.

Walk to School Day

Walking to school promotes physical activity, community awareness and cohesiveness, reduced traffic congestion and pollution, and overall well being.  All students are invited to walk on International Walk to School Day and with raffles and discussion on importance of physical well-being offered.   This year, we combined our walk to school event in January with a donation drive for gently used shoes.  Through this program we were able to donate over 1000 pairs of shoes to Donate Your Old Shoes.org who promptly shipped them off for distribution to people in Liberia.
Traveling Scientist Program
This program provides a hands-on opportunity for students in grades K through 5 to develop an awareness and appreciation of science concepts through the exploration of the animal kingdom and physical science concepts. In addition, the program fosters a commitment to the protection and understanding of the environment and the community. The program is aligned with the California Science content standards for each grade level and is hosted by the Orange County Department of Education.



Call Attendance Line

If you’ve ever called your child in sick, you are aware of the “Call In” attendance line.  The PTA pays for this service to be offered our parents and administration.

Computer Lab

In January 2011, Benedict PTA association voted to replace the aging computers in the computer lab.  The computer lab offers a variety of important training to all students on the usage of computers, the internet, and presentation skills.  In addition, computer education is part of the California State Education standards.  PTA will continue to pay for the lease and will own these computers in 2014.  The computers are on order and we look forward to the students using this updated equipment soon!

Kiln and Supplies

Truman is blessed to have its own Kiln and Alice Waldo, our resident instructor, who at the age of 90, continues to introduce and instruct our children in the creative art of clay.  PTA pays for kiln maintenance and all supplies for this unique program.


Books are always in need, so PTA purchases books for the library partially through funds received by hosting two Book Fair’s per year.  

PE Equipment / Support

Truman Benedict will be assisting Physical Education with anything from additional supplies to instruction on site.  With healthy lifestyles being emphasized in nutrition and activity, Truman Benedict PTA felt this would be a valuable asset to offer the school.

Teacher/Classroom Supplies

At the beginning of each school year, the PTA gives each classroom teacher funds to help him/her prepare the classroom and purchase supplies.  This year the PTA offered $10 per student to help with the cost of classroom supplies.


Truman PTA assists in funding technology needs of the school including printers, DVD’s, copier supplies and volunteers to copy all teacher materials among various other needs.  In our attempt to give our children the best classroom experience possible, in 2010 the PTA purchased projectors, document cameras and screens so that each classroom would benefit from this technology.

Scholastic News

PTA pays the annual subscription rate for each child's weekly Scholastic News.  Scholastic News is an age appropriate newspaper / magazine with interesting current information on countries, jungle animals, nutrition, and many more educational topics.  

Reading Counts--Red Dot Book Support/Software Updates
In our continuing effort to support literacy programs at Benedict, the PTA funds updates and technical support so that students can participate in the Scholastic reading counts program.   This allows students assess their reading comprehension of their free reading books via an online test. Each student progresses independently and the program is self paced.

Other Educational Software 
Benedict PTA pays the software license fee for 2 digital learning programs requested by the school.  The first is Ultra-key, the district approved keyboard/typing learning software. The second is the Discovery Streaming which provides a comprehensive digital support for studies in science, social sciences and math. 

Hands-On Science Learning
Benedict PTA provides funding for hands on science learning, from butterfly larvae to batteries and circuits.  To further support the Benedict's focus on inquiry based science learning, PTA volunteers are working with the school to create dedicated, hands-on science labs/classrooms aligned with the science standards. Soon, Benedict students will have more opportunity to actively participate in hands-on learning using the scientific method.