PTA Sponsored Programs
Made Possible With Your Support!


Ability Awareness Week

Ability Awareness Week is a fun experience where students learn about different abilities. The week is capped off with an interactive assembly by Sandy Feet Initiative, a volunteer-based organization where the siblings of children with special needs receive recognition and support through beach-based programs

Art Masters
Truman Benedict PTA funds a hands-on art experience that each classroom participates in numerous times per year. A local artist works with the children, introducing them to everyone from Monet to Van Gogh to Frank Lloyd Wright, teaching them about the particular “master” artist and his/her techniques. A lecture and classroom workshop is included in the studies.

Truman Benedict PTA hosts numerous educational assemblies for our students every year. Some past assemblies have included the Cyber Cop, Imagination Machine, and the Traveling Scientist.  The PTA also participates in Kindness Counts Week each February.  The week is full of activities to promote kindness and prevent bullying with a focus on being kind to others, yourself and your community. Our Bobcat Leadership Team and the BAMS PALS club assists with these activities as well.

Field Trips
Each grade level participates in a PTA sponsored field trip. Truman Benedict PTA contributes $20 per student annually to help offset field trip costs to destinations such as the Ocean Institute, Mission San Jan Capistrano, Outdoor Science School, the Heritage Museum and various additional educational venues selected by Truman Benedict teachers.

Science Camp for 5th Graders
Truman Benedict PTA contributes funds every year towards the 5th grade Science Camp trip. This overnight camp is always a highlight of the 5th grade school year.

Red Ribbon Week
Truman Benedict PTA participates in the CUSD Red Ribbon Week each fall. The week is full of anti-bullying, anti-alcohol and tobacco and other anti-drug activities messages and activities. Truman Benedict Elementary students are invited to participate in the city-wide Red Ribbon Parade on Del Mar Street to kick off the week’s activities.

The National PTA Reflections program is an art recognition and achievement program for students. All students are invited to participate and express themselves through dance, art, photography, etc. There is an “Art Gallery Walk” during the school day as well as a "Reflections Showcase Evening" so that parents can enjoy the creative talents of Truman Benedict students.

Science Fair
All students are invited complete an at-home science experiment at home, following the scientific method.  We culminate the projects with a fun "Science Showcase Evening" as an opportunity for families to view the project boards. 


Kiln and Supplies
Truman Benedict Elementary has its own Kiln. The  PTA pays for kiln maintenance and all supplies for this unique program.

The library at Truman Benedict Elementary has an incredible inventory of books available to students. Our library always purchases several copies of all Newberry award-winning books, as well as continuously refining and updating the existing library catalogue. This is made possible through a generous annual PTA budget.

PE Equipment / Support
Truman Benedict PTA assists with Physical Education, providing anything from additional PE supplies to formal on-site instruction.

Scholastic News
Truman Benedict PTA pays the annual subscription rate for each student's weekly Scholastic News. Scholastic News is an age appropriate newspaper / magazine with interesting current information on countries, jungle animals, nutrition, and many more educational topics.

Hands-On Science Learning
Truman Benedict PTA provides funding for hands-on science learning, from butterfly larvae to batteries and circuits. A classroom favorite is Mystery Doug lessons. This year the PTA will be helping fund a new Science Lab.

Teacher/Classroom Supplies
Truman Benedict PTA gives each classroom teacher funds to help him/her prepare the classroom and purchase supplies throughout the school year. The PTA provides each teacher with $15 per student to help with the cost of classroom supplies.

Truman Benedict PTA assists in funding the latest technology needs of the school so our children have the best classroom experience possible. For the 2020-2021 school year, the technology project funded 100-inch white boards and supporting hardware in each classroom for the district-provided projector system. In years past, the PTA has provided Smart Boards, chrome books, charging stations, and new laptops for all teachers.